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New post drill!

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It seems that as a 59 year old man one shouldn't get so excited about acquireing a new piece of equipment. But I can't help myself, it's a good thing my wife loves me or I would have been in a lot of trouble a long time ago.
Anyway, we were at an indoor flea market and low and behold there was an old tool under one of the shelves there! What is that I said at first? Then I realized what it was. A Buffalo Forge post drill! Model #614, In perfect condition! I mean no rust! And all the parts are there! What do they want for it? $80! Let's see if we can bargin the price down. Wife says "well if you want it buy it"!
So I went up to the counter (already took the price tag off, cause some other gentleman had his eye on it!) "Can you do better than this I asked?" Let me see the guy at the counter said. "No, that just came in and will be at that price for a month before they will consider lowering the price."
OK I'll take it I said! I know you're supprised! I just figured it wouldn't be there in a month.
Well this weekend has been cold and snowy so I didn't get any pictures of my new find but here is a link to some that are probably better than I could do anyway and the one I bought is in just as good a shape as this one. I'm so excited!!!!!!!!!!!:)

OWWM - Photo Index - Buffalo Forge Co. - No. 614

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