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Ridged Threading machine for twisting?

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I may be able to get an old Ridged threading machine that we have replaced. Am wondering what the max would be for twisting steel. It has the automatic jaws which quick holding pipe so it was replaced with a new machine with the manual clamp jaws. I'm thinking I can make an adapter to hold different size sq. stock and then possible make the twists cold, depending on the size of course. Any ideas as to what size I will be able to twist cold? Am I CRAZY or is this a workable idea? Thanks for your thoughts and ideas.

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I've actually worked with a couple of twisters made from pipe threaders. one was just a standard threader, I believe it would twist up to about 3/4 solid square if I remember correctly.The otherone had an additional gear reducer mated to it and would twist a bit heavier material, and was easier to control as it was really slow.
Both were mounted to one end ofa fairly heavy I beam with a sliding plate on the other end to adjust the length of the twist. Sort of like a tailstock on a lathe.

Hope this helps

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sorry for the delay, but here are three pictures of another twister like I promised. Note that there is a pipe used as the stationary member. Originally an I-beam was used but due to the large amount of torque used when cold twisting 1 inch square, the the I-beam itself would start twisting and lifting as the end of the twisting happened. So now a pipe is used and a piece of half-inch square is used as a guide and key.

The pictures show three 1/4 inch by 5 feet being cold twisted into a wire rope. I've seen ten foot 1 inch square also twisted and it can twist up too twnety foot lengths. The wire rope is useful for edging around flat objects, making the edge of wire baskets and has even been coiled into a "lariet" for a fireplace set stand.

The drive is from a portable pipe threader and the gear reducer is about 60 to 1.




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