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Question about forge welding

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Rust is iron oxide - same thing as scale. Properly applied flux and the right welding heat should float away most surface rust. The problem would be when you get into a piece that is heavily corroded and has major surface imperfections or loose chunks so the surface contact is haphazard. A similar situation happens when a smith welds a piece of cable damascus - the inside of the cable is often chock full of rust, oil and other debris but correct process will allow it to weld into a homogenous piece.

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The better you get the more latitude you have with things like stock condition and temps.

My hardest weld was doing a basket from rusty barbwire. Next time I'll clean the ends first!

Note also that this is usually not a "mission critical" item so if the weld is not perfect probably not a big issue.


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Go to the opening page of IForgeIron.com and click on "Search the Site", then type in Forge Weld. You get 12 hits. Start with S-0002 Making your first forge weld, then BP0214, BP0231 and the rest.

BP0107 - Air Diverter (Blueprints 100-200)
BP0205 - Knife Making 101 or how to cook a cat (Blueprints 200-300)
BP0214 - Twisted Basket (Blueprints 200-300)
BP0218 - Split work Hinges (Blueprints 200-300)
BP0222 - Split Cleft Weld (Blueprints 200-300)
BP0231 - Ear of Wheat (Blueprints 200-300)
BP0232 - Side Blown Demo Forge (Blueprints 200-300)
BP0274 Casting a Hammer (Blueprints 200-300)
BP0286 Mini Anvil (Blueprints 200-300)
S-0002 Making Your First Forge Weld (Stories)
S-0008 Advice to New Blacksmiths (Stories)
S-0009 The Demonstration (Stories)

Go to the forum and click on Search then type in Forge Weld. The search engine for the forum (different engine) came back with 91 hits.

This is not to discourage you from asking questions or to discourage others from providing answers. The search engines on IForgeIron just makes finding things easy, and provides you with step-by-step Blueprints and instructions on how to use your forge welding knowledge. You must provide the practice to make it look easy.

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