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Good Rainy Day

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Today in spite of the rain was a good day for me and my blacksmithing. I picked up some bolts for my forge Saturday evening but haven't got them in yet. Anyway on with the story...

I was on my way home from work and had to go a slightly different way due to flooded roads in the area and ran across some guys replacing railroad ties on a stretch of track. I debated on whether to turn around and go back and talk to them and the next thing I knew I had made a U-turn and was pulling off the road at the tracks. I got out and talked to the gentleman in charge and told him what I was doing and asked politely what they do with the old spikes. He told me they usually take them home and use them as is, so I asked if he minded if I gathered a few cause the ones I got from the scrapyard were all but gone, and hadn't seen anymore the past few times I've been. He told me not only that I could but where there was a large pile of them and even tossed me a bucket to put them in :D. All in all I ended up with about 75 lbs of spikes, mud over the entire bucket and most of the spikes as well as mud on my work clothes and a big huge smile. The workers he had working for him probably thought I was crazy going up the tracks picking up muddy spikes and carrying a muddy bucket in the middle of a light drizzle wearing khakis and a button up shirt. Filled the bucket up told the guys thanks and was told some more ideas I could do with spikes and if I ever saw them again feel free to stop and chat. Need to make up a few things from them and toss them in my vehicle to give him if I ever see him again.

Add this to some of the books I got this weekend and I have had a pretty good last few days. Picked up an older book on tools, modern (circa 1980) and antiques, a book on casting metal, and a book on engineering materials with a large section on heat treating and another section devoted to how to make iron and steel. Plenty of reading material and ideas to keep me busy for a while.

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