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I Forge Iron

Looking forward to learning from you all


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Hello, I'm Rob. I am a student at U of M that likes to make sculpture. I recently discovered the joys of working metal and am now on a mission to improve my skills. Thankyou all in advance for tolerating my future questions and taking the time to share your knowledge. So far I have learned to weld, but am currently building my 1st forge. It will be small but I can't wait to get it going. Ohh yeah I forgot I am not a kid in school I am 42, uhhh I think, so yes I am allowed to play with matches. lol just kidding, I use a lighter. ;)

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Welcome aboard Rob, glad to have ya.

I don't know what you're talking about, I'm just a kid of 57 and I play with FIRE. Oh yeah, My fire's worth all caps. I beat, twist, bend and generally smoosh the bejeebers out of things too. I'm basically a kid who got big enough to fool people into letting me play with the good stuff. ;)

What kind of forge are you building? Any other smithing equipment?

Oh yeah, we love pics, especially process pics though shop and tool pics turn us on too.


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