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Filling voids in natural handle materials


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I know this is the bladesmithing forum but I think this will still be found helpful. The pictures attached are after 80 grit belt sanding and the rough shape of the handle has been layed out. Voids in the mammoth molar were exposed in the layering of the material. A simple fix would be epoxy but you will have a transparent fill of the void. I used some older and darker shades of dental composite and filled the voids prior to taking the pictures. I will try to point out where they were placed(in the first close up image there are two repairs visible in the middle of the picture, if they are hard to see at this magnification I think it will work for you). They have not yet been polished. I will post final pics once done also. I am placing this post because it is not that hard to come up with this material because it does have a shelf life and shades that will work in handle material are not necessarily going to be used before the shelf life is approaching the exp. date but will still work great in a handle. It can be placed with simple tools, (I set it in place and then used my bare finger to rub it into the voids). It must then be cured which setting it in direct sunlight will do in aproximately 5 minutes or an ultra violet light does very rapidly. The material is delivered only by the direction of a dentist but ask yours if he or she has any darker or gray shades that are getting old that you could use for this purpose(the assistant wil be able to help you), and you should not need the bonding agent if the void is dovetail shaped, and they should be happy to ablige. I will be away from the computer after tomorrow so I will answer any questions and post more pics when I can. I hope this helps and I can help on other materials as well. A final note, all material in the handle was professionally stabilized prior to use.



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Additional note that material was professionally stabilized prior to purchase
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