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New swordsmith


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of my quite limited experience i would give this advice: learn the grinding portion first and learn it well, that hardest part of a knife is the finishing, forging the knife isn't all that hard, it's just applying basic skill in an advanced way

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I agree with most of the posts on this topic. Start at the bottom, not only with shaping but also with the size of the project. The wood working is good advice. Then move up to metal stock removal, then to forging and such; just as you should start with knives and small blades and work your way up to daggers and swords.

There's a lot of criticism on here, but the intentions are good; to keep you from getting discouraged, which is what would happen if you try to make a sword without forging much else. If you can't make an 8 inch knife that you're satisfied with, how could you possibly make a 27 inch sword you're satisfied with? It's like building a model rocket as opposed to making a space shuttle... there's a lot of ground to cover from where you are to where you want to go. you'll get there, don't worry. start at the bottom and be patient. it pays off!

Now when you do get to the point that you're making full-lengthed swords, I reccomend something along the lines of a Roman Gladius. That was my brother's first forged sword, and they seem simple compared to others.

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was wondering what the best kind of sword would be to make for a first time

Im also a novice sword smith I started by pilfering leaf springs from wrecking yards and shaping them into blades. Later adding fullers and more elaborate handles, then sheaths. Iron like anything 'practice makes perfect' just get out in the shop and mess around, you'll learn alot.
Also check out Jim Hrisoulas' "the complete bladesmith' at your local book store, tons of info and diagrams.

good luck!
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