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I Forge Iron

Hammer In with Mark Aspery

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4th Annual Yesteryear Hammer In

September 4-5 2009

"I started to forge metal in the metalwork room of my high school in the UK in 1974, it was my third year at high school. I developed a great passion for the work, not as one would expect, out of an artistic bent, but out of a love of physically making the steel move. The ability to shape metals at heat, with their plastic qualities fascinated me. Upon leaving high school I started as a blacksmith with Charles Watts and Sons, Rugby, UK.

It was during this time that I found out that making metal move and controlling the movement are two very separate skills. Not then calling myself an artist, I dabbled in natural forms as I continued with traditional designs. I enjoy the Art Nouveau and the Craftsman styles. As time went on I found myself working for other smiths that had developed a style that was very organic in design, come stylized, some literal. At this time I was exposed to nonferrous metals, such as bronze and copper. My own style now is one of a semi-literal, flowing representation of the natural world. I prefer to use traditional methods of joinery in my commissions, where the design and budget allows."

Mark is also the author of the widely renowned book:

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Brunswick stew will be made for this event as before ( its as much a part of this hammer-in as the demos and fellowship of smiths)
Great Demonstrator / Great tailgating /Great bunch of smiths / Great stew /
Great day I can't wait
Come on out and spend the day in ( YOUR ) element , we would really like to see you.

Mike Tanner

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