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Big box store coupons on ebay


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Since I am about to purchase a new drill press, I thought I would look for coupons online for Lowes. Turns out some people have figured out a a way to get coupons for 10% off, and then sell them on-line for about a buck.

I like to know how something is done before I get scammed (even for a buck). It seems like what they are doing is filling in a form on lowes.com for the "New mover into the neighborhood" and then selling the link that they get to you.

Lowes seems to have it set up such that when you fill out this form you get a link to the coupon a week later (to avoid people filling it out for instant gratification right before heading to the store)

The other way they do this is more questionable. They are using their employee discount coupons on-line for Home Depot (they have a unique code), then selling them on eBay telling you NOT to use them at HD (they won't work) but to use them at Lowes because they accept competitors coupons upto 10% off.

$40 off a $400 drill press soudns good for a buck to me!


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Be careful of purchasing discount coupons from a third party. With a computer, printer, and your money (cash) in hand, a discount coupon can be manufactured to say what ever you want. Many of the stores are getting hit hard with phony coupons and take a dim view the person trying to scam the store.

Do a search of the internet for coupons lowes and you will get all sorts of hits with all sorts of discounts on all sorts of deals. Most are free, some require an additional purchase. Check with the store to see if the offer is ligament (and write down the clerks name) before you make the trip and the purchase.

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The coupon I got was printed directly from Lowes.com. From the link, it was obvious that this person had a bot that was signing up for the coupons automaticailly (the e-mail address embeded in the link was formulaic ie. (email address removed)

I think the coupon is a legit "New in Town" coupon, just gotten under false pretenses and sold.


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