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Blacksmith Tech. Job Opportunity - Flemming College

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Someone on another list I belong to posted this job opportunity as a Blacksmith Tech at Flemming College.

Blacksmithing Shop Technician | Fleming College |

Blacksmithing Shop Technician

*(Part-time, 12 hours per week)*
*Haliburton Campus*
/*Reason for Posting: Replacement Position*/

*Description of position:*
This position maintains facilities and equipment in the Blacksmithing
Studio and oversees and reinforces safety when students are working
independently in the studio. The position will maintain a log book in
order to communicate with faculty and ensure equipment maintenance is
completed as efficiently as possible. Ensures all equipment and
facilities are organized and checked each shift and ensuring that it is
working properly by repairing or make arrangements for repair. Set up
and maintain the following; a tool crib and ensure tools are returned; a
proper storage system for replacements parts/consumables; a system for
recording and sign-out system for shop tools. This position acts as a
resource to students (i.e. accessing resources, basic forging processes,
safe equipment use, assignment completion support, clean up
procedures). The position also takes inventory of stock before and
after program, liaises with Coordinator and campus Technician for
approval to order materials and supplies in advance ensuring accurate
amounts are available each week, submits all invoices, encourages and
maintains overall studio etiquette, design and organization, and creates
initiatives to improve where/when necessary.


* Experience using, troubleshooting, maintaining and fully aware of
the safety training involved for the following shop equipment:
band saw, cut off saw, mig welder, oxy-acetylene torch for
cutting, brazing and welding, coal forge, propane forge, angle
grinder, bench grinder, drill press
* Possess basic knowledge and skills in blacksmithing and can
understand and carry out duties such as: drawing out, upsetting,
bending, drifting, mortise and tenon, collaring, scroll work,
slitting, fullering, grooving, veining, set hammering, riveting,
forge welding, TIG welding, stick welding, soldering, oxyacetylene
torch welding, hot rasping, filing, sinking, raising, metal
spinning, grinding, drilling, tapping, die work and threads, heat
treating, hardening, tempering, annealing, case hardening,
heading, cutting and shearing, swaging, twisting, shop safety,
basic metallurgy, fire and fuel, jigs and dies
* Experience training students with varied learning styles
* Basic computer experience for processing orders and inventory

*TYPE OF POSITION* *Part-Time Support Staff *
*HOURS PER WEEK:* *12 (with opportunity for additional hours, up to 24
hours, at beginning of September and end of December)*
*PAYBAND:* *9*
*HOURLY RATE:* *$21.25 *
*DATE POSTED:* *Friday, August 7, 2009*
*DATE CLOSED:* *Friday, August 14, 2009, at 12:00 Noon*

How To Apply:

Anyone who wishes to be considered must submit an up-to-date Resume and
Covering letter *by 12:00 PM (noon) on Friday August 14, 2009, quoting
Competition #S4609, by *ONE* method only.*

*By Mail;*

Fleming College
Human & Organizational Development, Room 524
599 Brealey Drive
Peterborough, ON
K9J 7B1

*By Fax;*

Fax #: 705-749-5522

*By Email;*

Please send your Resume and Covering letter in Microsoft Word format to

Thank you for your interest in Sir Sandford Fleming College, however,
only those candidates selected for an interview will be contacted.

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I may be mistaken but this ad sounds familiar. I would humbly suggest carefully reading the job posting before applying, as it sounds like it is a part-time "tool-crib" guy that runs back and forth to the college to clean-up and maintain tools and work area. It does not sound like you will actually be doing any blacksmithing or teaching. If it was a desirable job, they would just hire one of their graduates.

....... Blacksmithing Shop Technician,... 12 hours per week....*Reason for Posting: Replacement Position*/

*Description of position:*
This position maintains facilities and equipment...
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