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Forge price, need a advice


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This is my first post on this website. So first hello everyone! I have been thinking of starting blacksmithing has a hobby for a while and i just did the jump. I bought a small anvil already, a hay budden 70-75 pound (did a 3 hours (back and forth) trip and the anvil costed me 150$). I was thinking of doing BP0115 5th Wheel Forge | Blueprints 100-200 for a coal forge anytime soon once i figured out the materials and where i could buy my coal. I was going to wait for my propane forge, either build one out or buy one. Today i was looking arround on the internet and found that guy here.
the following are the seller information:

Used Whisper momma forge 300 OBO
Price: $250.00

Used durning my days as a blacksmith, this forge never once let me down and while the tell tale sign of use colours the inside I can guarentee this forge will get done ANY job you need it to do. There is a little surface rust but nothing a quick brush with a wire brush wont take care of. New these sell for 450 dollars.
Hose and regulator not included.

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I would say it depends on your personality - it's a fair price for a Whisper Moma. Do you just want to get to the task of smithing or do you enjoy the process of making the tools you need to do the job? If you just want to get to it then buy the forge and start hammering otherwise do your research and take the time to build your own and then start hamming

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I might be interested by the forge. I would like to know what is inside the forge to keep the heat, if its fire bricks, refactory bricks or a ceramic blanket. I need to know if its in good shape. I would like you to send me a couple pictures of the inside of it. I would need to see it work if i consider buying it, don't know if that's possible for you. If you can give me a phone number to reach you at it would be great.
thx message me back

here is answer.

Good day
Im afraid that the hose and regulator were wrecked in transporting the forge to its current home, so there is no way for me to demonstrate it in working order so unfortunately all you have is my word. As for the inside as far as I ever knew its brick but what it was never concernedme as much as the fact that the thing has no cold spots. Its black inside but considering that it usually gets about 2300 degrees thats kinda what you expect. While not in mint shape its still in great working shape. Needs the touch of a wire brush but thats all.

Since I'm a newbie I'm asking for you guys experience to know if it's still worth the price. I'm wondering if the repairs it needs is something expensive to do. I asked him to see the inside to know if it need to be replaced. Is the bricks something that last long or is that another investement?


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