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I Forge Iron

Greetings from Bend, OR


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Hey everyone. My name is Doug, but I generally go by Cedric in most cases, sort of a medieval re-enactment side-effect.

My Academic background is colorful so I guess I'll throw that in:
Been metalsmithing for 6 years. Started with a blacksmithing apprenticeship back in 2003 with the late Ralph Douglass. Got my own coal forge around that time. Did an intro to jewelry class throuhg the Oregon College of Art and Craft in 2004, and another through Ed and Cindy at Manny Bee's Jewelry in Newberg OR in 2005. When Ralph passed away I inherited his coal forge (which turned out to be an early period coke forge based on the shape of the toure), and gas forge and a slew of tools. Went to the University of Oregon in 2005 for fine arts, and focused in metalsmithing and jewelry. Did some welding/sculpture classes, bronze casting, large scale aluminum. High art as well as contemporary and functional. Played with armour-smithing and fabrication. Graduated with a BA in fine arts and did a quick apprenticeship with Tedd Harris for bladesmithing, and then a longer apprenticeship with Alan Flashing for blacksmithing. Now I'm in Bend OR with my girlfriend. Three forges, one anvil, and a pile of tools later and I am still jobless, but working on it.

Hoping to get into arrow-smithing, and further bladesmithing. I want to try out mokume-gane, and I have a deep appreciation for copper-forming.

I guess I'm a beginning-professional multi-topic metalsmith with a preference for bladesmithing and jewelry work.

I am a huge medieval fan; leatherworking, metal work, crafts and trades, camping and hiking, SCA, Belegarth, and so on. My girlfriend is a member of the Horseback Archery Association of the Americas Council and international team, so I have been doing that as well for 2 years. I have my own horse finally and ehr name is Anawyn. She's a half pasafino, half some-sort-of-draft-horse, but we don't know specifically. We do demonstrations at Belegarth events, SCA events, and wherever anyone wants a show. Played with the Seattle Knights for a bit, and the Warhorse Challenge people, and generally have a ton of fun.

I think that's about it.... heh. Kind of bizarre that I've never found this forum til my friend told me about it, but I'm to busy to think straight so that's my excuse:)

That's it I think...:)

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