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Champion post drill

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I got a Champion post drill last night.It needs work and its missing some parts.
I was thinking someone here might have one and could tell me how this one part works,it looks like some type of power return.But I don't know because mine is missing some parts in that area.I probably won't fix that part because I am missing the two gears and the bottom drive gear is missing teeth.It shouldn't affect how it works,I'll just have to turn the feed wheel by hand to bring it back up.This is a picture of the same model,but is not mine,it's just one I found doing a search.OWWM - Photo Index - Champion Blower & Forge Co. - post drill Anyone know how it would have worked?

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No the advance arm is still on it and works.The part I'm talking about is that drive that looks like it would turn the feed wheel to bring the drill back to the top.If you look at the second picture you can see the drive on the left next to the flywheel.

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