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A very simple anvil stand

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OK, so it's not original and I got the idea from these forums but it works great! I used 2" x 8" planks from an old disassembled pool deck ( 2" x 12" would be better but that's all I had ). It's not 100% complete, I still have to make the crescent shaped hold downs to keep it from moving but it is rock solid. Anyone with a light or mid weight anvil that doesn't have a stand should try this design. You won't be disappointed. ;)



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The only thing I don't like about that design is it is top heavy. The center of gravity is way up and if you should bump it hard enough, it might fall over. Maybe some 2x4 extensions, maybe 6-9" longer than the base, would add stability. Make the extensions to lay flat on the floor, each one being perpendicular to the other. See Dwg. Otherwise, looks great.


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I have used stands made from alternating 2 by 6 or 2 by 4s, and like them a lot, especially for portability for demonstrations. The local guild has also used those as stands in their blacksmith school for many years. To my knowledge none have ever fallen over.


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