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I Forge Iron

Art of the Japanese Sword

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In the past I've mostly paid attention to how the blades were forged and heat treated.
Seeing the amazing work done by the dedicated members here I realize that I understand less than a third of what should to fully understand what is shown

What 2 or 3 books would you recommend to get me up to speed.

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I have that book in my arsenal and it is just brilliant, shows in depth how to work you a really nice peace of iron.
Give it two thumbs up.

best reg. Atli S

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hey Charlotte,

here is a web site for Walter Sorrels a swordsmith, more specifically Japanese style blades. he also has videos for how he makes every part, from the blade to the saya.
more books that i found of interest:

The art of Japanese Sword Polishing, Takaiwa, Yoshihara, Kapp
Lethal Elegance, Earle
The Japanese Sword, Sato
The Samurai Sword, Yumoto
and The Craft of the Japanese Sword, Leon and Hiroko Kapp, Yoshindo, Yoshara which was already stated above.
These were the few that was recomended for me and i have found them to be very informative.

Hope this helps, Chad

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