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  1. You have to forgive my English isint the best. You see here on the following link to a photo how there is a line that comes across where the tip starts to curve up. That's just my personal taste. On the other hand you blade is just beautifully crafted and I would be very proud if I could make one as fine looking as yours. Only time will tell best reg Atli S
  2. That looks like an extremely nice peace hardware that anyone could be very proud of making. Just for my taste i would liked to have seen little bit more strong lines on the tip. But then again very very nice looking peace. best reg Atli S
  3. Hello every one. Im brand spanking new to the forum here. I was opt as the master of iron for my local viking group here in iceland. Now im working on honing my skills as a blacksmith, something that i haven't done for a very long time. So i hope every one takes it well when is start poking my nose around and asking some strange Q's. As some one once told me the only stupid Q's are those who are never asked, better look like a fool for a day then be ignored for live. Best reg. Atli S. Iceland Master of iron Einherjar.
  4. I have that book in my arsenal and it is just brilliant, shows in depth how to work you a really nice peace of iron. Give it two thumbs up. best reg. Atli S