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Ground forge for summer time


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Here is my temprorary set-up for nice weather...unlike my brake drum forge, the shape is easily adjustable to make it more fuel efficient...anvil is cut off from some type of huge crankshaft nearly 4 inches in diameter.
I'm happy I finally got to put my crank blower (thanks to SaskMark) to use !!
It get's a little hard on the knees after a while sitting there, and I want to shorten the blower tube a little too, but overall I'm pretty happy with it...that is one EASY set-up !!

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Thanks !! That's kind of what I was trying to replicate...I've seen a few pictures and videos of people using them, and I thought "hey, that seems simple enough" rather than buying or building something only to discover afterwards that I should have made it differently, all I have to do is move a couple of bricks and a few handfuls of dirt...and I was thinking about just using a small stool or maybe a pail to sit on.

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Hi, I've used ground forges in India, and never did anyone kneel, always squatting. Sometimes the older men would have a small cushion to sit on!! Don't ask me how they did it all day long cause it's difficult, but if you are used to being in that position, it's much more adaptive and nimble than being on your knees!!

Ground forges are by their nature very versatile, and so amazing that they are so simple.


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A great demo of what is needed. We often get too carried away with building a "real" forge when its really a container for a fire. The ground forge is brilliant BUT my knees and back would not put up with it so my plow disc forge simply raises the fire to a comfy level.

Must remember this thread next time someone asks what they need to get going :)

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Trying to replicate, I think you DID replicate it! :D

Nice knife too, you didn't happen to watch Tim Lively's video beforehand did you?

I did see his YouTube video, and a lot of good info on his website too...I've always loved the look of "as forged" blades, then when I saw his stuff it was quite an inspiration for sure !!
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