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Just completed this knife this morning.

Started out as a piece of mystery spring steel, my brother dug up in the pasture. To be honest it is a mistake knife. My intention was to forge a small saex blade, but somehow I hammered the shape backwards. Rather then toss it away and end up frustrated, I shifted gears and came up with this little blade. It's about 3 1/2" - 4" excluding the tang. I was playing around with a little file work (doesn't show in the pic) on the back and a few other details just for fun. My intention is to polish it up a bit more, but to leave the rough forged look (my favorite).

I have a good bit of handle material laying around (burlwood, antler, horn), but haven't decided what to use. Also thought I might like to try to pour the bolster. Anyway..... what do you think? Suggestions?:rolleyes:

Happy Hammerin'!


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I end up changing gears on every knife I make, or have so far. It's the difference between wasted material and a finished product. You just try again with the original design on another piece of steel.
This one, however came out pretty nice. Nice job on saving the piece.

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