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brush fire


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we have been real dry here so we have been waiting for a fire and hoping for rain .
we no rain but we had a brush fire today a truck started it got it out before it got a acre.
but the truck did not make it .
water is getting hard to find to fight fire with most of the creeks are dry now so pray for rain for us we need it

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We get some serious fires. Se where AK is is rain forest so a short dry spell is drought like. Here in S Central we have plenty of black spruce and a little dry spell makes it like gasoline on a stick. Then there are the muskeg bogs all over the state which when dry burn in seasons long smolders, sometimes lasting over winter to rekindle come breakup.


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up north they get a lot of big fires that black spruce is real bad
southeast is not bad but we dry out fast three weeks without rain and we are so dry

we will take any rain we can get

drought like yes we are not water in a lot of the holes that we get water from it is getting hard to find water to fight fire with
we lived up there for 5 years I know how bad it can get Tok gets a lot of fires all the time
we are going to have a bad fire here if we do not get rain soon

so you got fires going now

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