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Interesting tool I made

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The tool showed below is a configurable bunch of guides that a red iron bar would be forced to follow in order to produce complex shapes. This helps when you need to do more than one instance of the desired object or want to reproduced from a scaled down image of object. On the first picture, one can see that the right side is ready for an oval shape. The others are related to the bistro chair I have designed and that I have begun to build. If I would redo the tool, I would change the screw stoppers for collars which would better resist the force I apply when I bend the bar. Not that it doesn't work but a bit flimsy. I would also have the head of the guide put on a screw that would screw in the little support so that I could easily acheived the perfect match between the guide and the bar that will follow it.

I have added pictures of half size model (made of aluminium wires) of the chair so you can see the back piece that is on it's way.

If you have other ideas, go ahead!








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Adding some pictures and corresponding text
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I like that. I have attempted to paper and penciled something similar as a universal scroll gig. I glad to see the three dimensional character of your gig. This is real nice project!

Good luck with you chairs.

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Thanks Charlotte
To be true, I have not tried to pencil this; it would have been a mess on the drawing board! lol. I went directly with what I had in my backyard (rusty stuff not made to go together!). It was a lot of work but fun to do.

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Thanks for the comment; I want the seat to be leather babiche (what the northern indians used for their snow shoes). So I see it as being more Abenakis than French. I would have to see if it could cross without too much added to the price at the border!

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