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These are a couple pictures from the Ironwood Renaissance Faire that I smithed at a couple years ago. I shared the booth with my friend Dan (he's in the solid brown kilt), who's primarily a bladesmith. I'm primarily a blacksmith, so we had a pretty well-rounded booth. At the Ishpeming Faire I unpinned the upper part of my greatkilt and let it hang. 6 yards of wool isn't something to be wrapped in when you're standing next to a forge in the blazing sun!

I don't forge in a kilt often. Only a couple times outside of faires, and then never in my greatkilt. I know there's one smith that always wears a kilt, but I'd have to dig up the article on him.






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Hi Nick,

I've smithed a few times in my great kilt, but your right, it is way too hot normally for that. Now I always ware britches. I am attaching a pic of me at the Ojai Pirate Festival from a couple years ago.

The blacksmith at the Koronaburge European Festival always wears his great kilt. It's the only garb he owns. He does 7 weekends both days, all day in it.



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