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Heyah folks. Just poppin' into this place to say hello, and introduce myself.

I'll spare you anything silly, and just cut to the meat.

I'm a young man that's interested in both the technical and artistic side of blacksmithing, whether it be in the form of the blade or in the form of a simple nail. Something about forming things with one's hands has always had appeal to me, so it was a natural leap to end up into the strange oceans of blackmsithing and metal working in general. Hopefully, if the weather behaves I'll start showing my stuff. I'm no amateur, but I'm nothing near an expert. I'm stuck in between, looking for way to get better every day.

Hope I can help you as much as you'll no doubt help me.

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Been there, try working a paycheck job for 30 years that keeps you living in tents 3/4 of the time or doing 14 hr. days with commute time.

I retired going on two years ago and have been enjoying some "anytime I want" forge time.


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