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jewelry tree

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It's my 6th wedding anniversary and to my surprise, #6 is iron!

I made this jewelry tree for my wife. It is made from 1/2" round, spilt to form the top branches and roots and then the middle branches are mig welded. I intentionaly left the welds a little messy because it added a more realistic texture. It is mounted on a rustic piece of "barn wood".


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I made up a version of this for hanging/displaying key rings at Jay's Big River Forge. I took a bunch of variable length 1/8 inch round rod, and tapered one end. Then I gave it a quick wrap with some utility wire, heated the "bundle" up, and twisted it. This gave the "trunk" of the tree a pleasing twisted branch look. Then I heated up individual points, and bent/curved them out with a little upturn on the end to hang the keyrings from. We then welded it to a round domed and textured plate for a base - heavy on the thickness for that base. A bee's wax coating finished it off.

If your base plate is dished enough, you can make a hole through it and hide all your arc welding underneath. Or you can taper the other ends as well, with random lengths, and bend/twist them out like tree roots and then do a couple discrete welds to hold it onto your slightly domed base plate. It would look better with just a few of the outside "roots" twisted down on the base plate, with the center core pieces being flush with it or passed through a hole in that base plate and welded underneath.

It sat on the counter in the retail room at the shop - right next to the register. We kept an assortment of the leaf and little fishes key rings on it.

But I had to make a second one. Somebody talked Jay out of the first one - for hanging ear rings and jewelry! I don't remember what Jay charged them for it. I hope he got shop rate. But I think it was more of an "advertising incentive" on a big railing or spiral staircase project.

So it goes.

Mikey - that grumpy ol' German blacksmith out in the Hinterlands

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