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gas forge question


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HI all. I read through the stickey about gas forges. I did not find the answer that I was looking for. My question is, could I use a propane torch that is used for melting snow and ice, as a heat source. And would this type of torch reach high enough temps for forging?
Any thoughts or advice will be helpful. Thanks

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If you're talking about a weed burner, yes but they don't work very well, way too much oxy gets through.

You can buy a propane soldering torch and make a bean can forge that will get hot enough to weld in but there isn't much space inside for decorative work.


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Just an FYI.

I was shopping W.W. Grainger yesterday. The have a torch for $76

that is a " Heating" torch. puts out approx 50,000 btu on propane and comes with its own regulator and hose. I've seen these used where having a portable source of heat is necessary. You might want to look into it.

Grainger Item # 2CZD7
Price (ea.) $76.95
Mfr. Model # 2CZD7
Ship Qty. 1
Sell Qty. (Will-Call) 1
Ship Weight (lbs.) 5.56
Usually Ships** Today
Catalog Page No. 3144
I thought about buying one to keep bending heat in large scroll as it starts to cool. My one thing most gas forges don't do well is handle large two dimensional forms. Sometime you get one shot at the easy was and the remaider is the hard way.

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