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The new fire pot & forge is finished


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Will after all my many questions and with all the helpful information I was given my new forge and fire pot is finished. All I need now is a blower which I want order till next week. May scavenge the blower off my tire rim forge till then who knows but for now it's done.
I did add 2 wheels to the back so that all you have to do is tilt and go as it does need to be portable. I also put a wooden handle on the front for when you roll it around and as I didn't have the metal for a handle and the wood was already in my shop. Any way I was thinking if the forge is still hot and I need to move it the wood might not be so bad but then again????

Will even though I'm at a finished state for now I know it is still a work in progress as I'm sure I change things here and there as I see room for improvement. Now all I need is for my new anvil to arrive (must be on a slow non-union truck, ha! 24 yrs. a teamsters) when it does I'll be ready to roll and start working on skills and many new projects. As my wife has co-workers already putting in request for different items. I do hope there patient as I know I still have a lot to learn.
For now I excited and looking forward to doing more as I'm starting to expand a little. Thanks again to all of you who have put in on my different post it has been a very great help. I'm sure glad I found this sight as all the advice and instruction is very helpful.
Bill P

Tried to add pics but having trouble sorry.





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to add pics
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I really want to see the pics so try this.

Scroll down till you see the "Go Advanced" button under the quick reply text window. Click it.

Scroll down in the resulting window till you find the "Manage Attachments" button. Click it.

The resulting window will have a number of "Browse" buttons. Click one.

Find the picture you want to upload and select it.

When you have all the pics you want attached to the post selected click, "Upload."

Wait till the manage attachments window comes back empty, then close it.

The pics will be attached as thumbnails at the bottom of your post.

If you're having problems doing this the pic files may be too large. Most cameras store pics at well over 1 meg and somewhere between 40-100 kb is plenty for uploading to the forum. If that's the case try resizing them at a lower res, fewer pixels, smaller file size, etc. and repeat the above.


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Will I finely caved in and switched blowers and fired the new forge up. It really did answer a few questions as well as point out many things I need to learn. As for starts with charcoal it got so hot I melted a few small items I was working on. So learning how hot is hot will be a start plus not having to many irons in the fire is not good as well. As I tried working on several things at once and didn't work to well as well. I did discover in my question of blower the smaller will do just fine as the one I put on today is even smaller then what I'm going to order. So all in all I very happy the fire pot did real good and the table was a pleasure to use compared to the tire rim, I just need to start paying attention to what I'm doing and learn.

Bill P

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