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Howdy folks,

I'm looking to get started in blacksmithing. My hobbies tend to be oriented to skills I can use to make useful stuff with. I've done some leather work, only made gun and knife leather though, taught myself to weld--oxy / acet, and stick, and have made things like a new door for the wood stove, a plow, field harrow, BBQ's, 200 gal. fish tank,--simple stuff. I enjoy figuring out how to do things and have allways had an intrest in blacksmithing. My 7 yr. old boy's been bugging me for a knife lately, so I got him a knife blank for Christmas, and one for me too, so we're planning on makeing one together. I think he's a bit more excited to get into smithing than I am, and he's been bugging me to get a forge made. After seeing the price on some heavy anvills, I figgure my first project might be makeing myself a couple anvills out of an I beam or something. (Yeah, I know RR tracks work, but the challenge appeals to me :)) I don't have a lot of money to play with, so any books I get, I want to make sure are keepers that both me and my boy can get a lot out of. Any suggestions would be great. It seems I don't get to the libraries much and when I do, they don't have many blacksmithing books. We'll probly gravitate toward bladesmithing, but I'll cut my teeth on tools and such first. Starting a shop from scratch with equipment I build myself appeals to me too, I'm just kind of odd that way--guess thats why I hunt with a black powder rifle, and heat with wood. :)

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sounds like you'll fit right in here freind , its good to hear your boy is interrested in smithing its no somthing you see evry day, many books you can pick up, "the blacksmiths craft" is a good one for starters teaching basic form and giving many starter projects. good luck and have fun

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Welcome Tim. This is a great place for information. You will find all the information you need to make a first forge,anvil or whatever else you need right here. Start with the "Metal Working Lessons" on the home page of this forum. It will direct you to all kinds of threads and info on this forum. You could probably call this place a "Virtual Library" of Blacksmithing. Also ask away. It doesn't matter that the question has been asked before. You will still get good responses and directions to the proper thread or forum for further information. Great bunch of people on here,ready, willing and able to help.


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