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Just yesterday I acquired a new (to me) 111 pound anvil in the classic London style. I am wanting to make this my shop anvil, and I would like to build a stand for it. Although it will be my shop anvil, I prefer that it be light enough that I could take it out to a hammer-in. I am fairly new to smithin, and am looking for ideas to incorporate into the stand. The temptation is to try and put too much into it, such as a hammer rack, or a box for hardies, and eventually the idea of a lighter stand gets defeated. I could just go with a bare-bones stand,or possibly a "modular" design with features that could be removed during transport, but I decided that some of the more experienced smiths out there probably have some worthwhile ideas that might not occur to me. Any suggestions?

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If the anvil is to stay put, put a large enough stump ~3 feet in the ground, and be sure it elevates the anvil to the appropriate height.

Since I think you wanted it more mobile, I would just get a stump of wood the right size and just set it on even ground.

I would also secure the anvil with long nails (~ US. 3d (penny) or more).

I hope this helps!:D

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I have a stand described in the sand anvil stand post. For tooling I have a simple shelf that can be set onto the 1/4inch plate my stand is made of. On the shelf is a piece of 1/4 inch by 1inch that has been bent around to tightly fit the plate. The shelf just sets in place and can be moved wherever I want it. You might want to make a stand and work on the anvil a little to see where you can put tools so they don't get in your way. In most cases it is easy to add things later.

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some anvil stands in here.


personally I like a truncated pyramid of 1/4" or heavier angle iron, use a piece of neoprene or plywood in the top under the anvil. very important fit the top box so it hold the anvil with enough room to pick up the anvil, use a large bolt nut (1" or so) to tighten against the anvils base. I put the bolt under the heel.
I'll try to get some pics tonite of what I mean.

if your anvil is rockin you are wasting blows.

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Alwin, I've posted pictures before of an anvil stand that I use in my shop and on the road. The racks are removeable; they are made out of 1/2" round stock that has been bent around to hold my tools then bent again to go in and out of two holes that have been drilled in the base. Although my anvil doesn't come off, you can use many other different methods to secure your anvil down where it can be removeable.




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