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Pattern welding and handles. chat mar 13,09

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From the Friday night live knife chat, March 13, 2009

[steve sells] , BUT of those having trouble with keeping the line clean for bevels, HOW MANY of you use a marker to draw out the lines first ?
[jeremy k] : how do you file a concave bevel?
[Rich Hale] Harvey Dean taught me that
[steve sells] one thing I was told at teh start was after getting teh shape, use a fine tip permany parker to draw the lines for the bevel changes.
[jimmy seale] i use a 6" disc
[steve sells] so many that have trouble dont do this, they try to visulize them, which Rich and I can after many yreas, but at first NO way... I still draw the bevel lines fore a new style blade...
[jimmy seale] i listenin masters....
[steve sells] the Yataghan I did last year, I had to with that weird curvy blade, no way to visulize the angles ar I went I have to draw where they started and stopped.
[jimmy seale] warped ss?
[steve sells] not not a total weird thing of a bevel but its NOT exactaly the same distance form the cutting edge all along the blade, and the ricasso ares, or a curve into the blade, but a sharp line... all athese were traced out before I hammered them in, and again as I started at teh grinder
[steve sells] notice the ricasso is very long, this was typical for thise type of short sword/ long knife my drawing first I can see already where then heed to be, I kept the hammer inside the line, like coloring as a child.
[jimmy seale] ss i still cant color in side the lines-you know that...
[Rich Hale] One thing that will help when shaping a blade is to make a light steel or aluminum patter in the profile of what you want lay it on the blade at the end of each heat and see what you need to do next
[steve sells] just gave a tip for grinding bevels. NExt subject aint been decided yet
[jimmy seale] ol sandy scribed his lines- also said forge thick grind thin !!
[steve sells] good point Rich For a new design I use the RR track I have on the side of my forge table, I draw out in soap stone on the side on my RR track I have 1 inch marks engraves on the side, I have a tape measure fro the first 12 inches, the rest just 1 inch ,marks
[leroyk] how do you hold chain saw to weld it
[Rich Hale] I been through that Bruce
[steve sells] how did they junk ?
[brucegodlesky] very frustrating, out of 4 roller chain billets, one took
[leroyk] what do you fold a bunch together first
[steve sells] for most billets I tie them with wire too, but for a chain.. I use the welder to draw a few beads, else it moves around too much I lost half the chain billets I tried using wires, a lot better success with a few welded beads
[jimmy seale] i can't even weld a poker.... more practice me thinks
[jeremy k] set the pins first to keep it more stable while red
[leroyk] i will have to try harley chain i have two sons who are harley riders
[steve sells] the thing with chains,. as Jeremy pointed out, it they like to fall apart, so start gently, closing the pivots dont try to just mash it close at once, of the neighboring links will seperate and fall to your floor, (dont ask how i found this out, its embarrassing) just tap to close the links pivits, then close the gaps inthe links Then try ther erld, 3 heats seems a pain, but that works wellfor me, use lots of flux, and remember to cleanout the oil/greese before welding, dont count on burning it out
[leroyk] do you do just one weld or do you restack and weld again
[steve sells] the chain ?> I stack about 3 or 4 layers and do another weld after I get the first run solid
[jimmy seale] old drive chains have o-rings- think bout that guys
[steve sells] I try not to draw out a chain too much or I loose the unique look of them so I keep it close and tight as much as I can
[leroyk] ok that makes sense
[steve sells] but I have seen people that do draw them out, they look good to, USe what ever you wish
[jimmy seale] so 1 run then another on top?
[steve sells] 10:30 pm: our MINDS are the best tool any of us have don't be afraid to try something just becauce I say I don't like it that way I am just telling what I do and how I do it, there are many other ways. all valid but I cant speak too m,uch about what I dont do., how about YOU guys I can be the only smith in this room :) how do YOU make them ?
[jimmy seale] but do you stager the pin sections?
[jeremy k] when I make one you'll be the first to know

[Rich Hale]I dont use chain or rope but have always felt there is a market for harley chain knives
[leroyk] ok how about this the last billet i made i added some steel from a damascus shot gun barrel i had put in some 15n20 some 1095 and a little pure nickel
[jimmy seale] i figure a primar chain- 3 row
[Rich Hale] Yep that one Jimmy
[leroyk]it turned out realy nice and i guess the barrel was maybe 75 to 100 years old
[jimmy seale] any idea on the composite if it?
[steve sells] cool use of a old barrel, gave it new life
[jimmy seale] bad leroy.....
[steve sells] if it was gone as a gun, may as well...
[leroyk] right it was a wire damascus american made barrel
[steve sells] I am not a gun smith, ask someone that would know better than I, JPH is a good source too
[jimmy seale] ok but still- a ol coat-shot out and turn into a knife...?ollector, and has reapir a few colt
[steve sells] I would have kepet the gun myself, BUT if it was that bad, may as well salvage it
[leroyk] what happened was i made a blade from the breach but it did not harden very well so i thought if i added s ome better steel it would better and it was
[JJ] old doub le barrel shotguns make nice lamps.
[leroyk] no the barrels was all i had and i got them froma gn show
[steve sells] 1 OO Hi jj didnt see ya sneek in :)
[Rich Hale] I have two lamps from old shotguns...
[jimmy seale] ask john candy jj...
[steve sells] I dont know enoug about barrels to even guess what they would use
[jeremy k] that's enough the blow the lights out
[jimmy seale] in the great outdoors
[steve sells] I shoot but no clue to material
[Rich Hale] One has a gambels quail in it the other a scaled quail
[leroyk] what i have do is learn how to post a pic of it on here lol
[JJ] mild steel or wrought iron, depending on age.
[leroyk] i would guess it was mild steel maybe the wire had some carbon
[JJ] i took a kinfe order today, based on a walnut presentation grain i showed a gent.
[leroyk] where do you find walnut like that
[JJ] 1: not sure ste ve, i got a pallet from the premier gun stock maker in the US. some is as nice as i'v e e ver seen....b ut only a bit of it. jimmy, they didn't make smokeless powder and fancy high v elocity cartridg3es in the time most damasc us barrels were being made. English walnut (i got some of that) cause it's sort of s tan field wit h a black grain. i have so me crotch grain for scales from it...most is claro walnut. all i'm talking a bout here is t he pallet of walnut i b ought for $70....i can get ab out $700 in decorative cutting boards and about $400 in scales, and enough for all the knife jigs and parts i need for the next year.

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[Rich Hale] I sell alot of odd but bright colored dyed woods...and sambar stag ivory and fancy ironwood
[JJ] two preferr3ed handle materials here are elk and wlalnut. synthetics i can't sell. it's all a local thing.
[leroyk] so jj how did you ever find all that walnut so cheap
[Rich Hale] I have a blade here that I put some horn from a cape buffalo on...the blade steel had bad spots :(
[steve sells] My last piece of antler is waiting to get mounted, BUT as I was shaping it, I got a grind through to the pith,. any ideas how to salvage that ?
[leroyk] i would much rather use whitetail horn than elk
[steve sells] my white tail is very solid, but this peice was selected for this knife by the client
[JJ] gun stock maker b uys walnut trees, roots and all...dries it for years, cuts it 3" thick, kiln cries aggain . what they cut out as not needed for a $3000 sto ck, might have plenty for 3 or 4 kniv es left on the off cut.
[Rich Hale] Use some sanding dust fro the same kind of antler and super glue
[leroyk] you might try soak the pith with epoxy to harden it
[jimmy seale] well leroy that here about like the endangered blacktailed jack a lope
[steve sells] I have a tine I can grind down... from same as be brought me a 14inch or so long section.
[Rich Hale] That along with zip kicker and you can grind and finish in seconds puy a shoe box or something under the grinder to catch the dust
[steve sells] I was thinking of my slow set super glue to stabilise, the top coat of Rich's idea is a good one
[JJ] 10:53 pm: zip kicker?
[steve sells] I will use new bet too Rich DUH lol
[leroyk] 1 well i am lucky i live wher white tail are all over
[steve sells] here too Leroy
[Rich Hale] Spray that sets up the super glue before you can walk over to the grinder
[steve sells] but this antler is Sun bleach white
[jimmy seale] well leroy- west texas here.....
[steve sells] My super glue I use is slow set, takes 30 seconds
[JJ] i use it, didn't know that's what it was claled...just referrer to it as accelerant.
[Rich Hale] It wont make it new Steve but may get it by, I grind the brow tines off of stag crowns and fill the spot with the above
[steve sells] if not I will have to cut it away and make a bolster for that area the bolster I can use another section of antler, with a spacer...
[JJ] : we live in abalone cou ntry...yet i have never b een ab le to sell a knife with a balone in the handle. guys here call them "south of the border" handles.
[Rich Hale] You cold also do an inlay like Jimmie said,,,,obrass,, something to match the fittings or mebbe a small chuck of ivory
[leroyk] thats why i do not like elk but do use it sometimes
[steve sells] hmm JJ I get a lot of walnut.. wanna trade ?
[Rich Hale] Harley chain billet antler crown and a forty five aut shell inlay. If you shoot them in the head with too small of a gun it may make them take a nap,,,what off the horns and run afore they wake up
[steve sells]if I gotta get my own elk, , I gonna grab my Brothers M-1 Garande :) I like Fresh meat for dinner tho
[JJ]don't shoot the elk. just shoot the antler a clancing b low...will stun the elk...saw off, run.

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