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Chaps, I have been thinking of picking up a book or two on the gentle art of iron walloping and have heard good things about a book by this lady called "The Backyard Blacksmith" I have also seen a book by the same lady called "The complete Blacksmith" but can't find much info on it. Is it much the same book? is it worth getting alongside the "Backyard" book or instead of it? anyone have both?

All info gratefully received...

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Hiya Glenn,

I read the thread a little while ago and everyone seems to recommend "The Backyard Blacksmith" but, and I probably didn't make it quite clear, what I need to know is, is "The Complete Blacksmith" the same book under a different title? Is it significantly different to the first book to make it worth getting in its own right or is it basically the same thing? :)

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Hey Steve. Just talked with Lorelei. She said that those books have the same content, just a different cover. She hasn't seen a copy of the Complete Blacksmith, yet. The publisher hasn't sent her a copy, yet. But she said that if you send her a copy, she'll let you pick out a t-shirt from her web site and she'll send it to you. Lorelei Sims - Artist Blacksmith / Welcome to the Vortex of Hot Metal . Also, Matt is correct that it is heavy on the pix. Still, not a bad book.

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