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Finished my first Kuro-Uchi


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Hello everyone. Just finished this lil' guy up. Its a japanese chef knife called a Kuro Uchi. Pretty slick isnt it? Any way, I first quenched in soy bean oil, but it warped. So I used good old fashion motor oil and it came out just fine. Shes is pretty sharp mind you, but I didnt take any shaving fotos becaus my girlfriend laughs the bald spots hahaha. I think the steel is 5160, I'm not really sure. It spark tested real good though. I cut it out from an old machete....I know its cheating, but I did forge the bevels, put the handle on and heat treated. By the way, this is my first scale handle knife, all my other ones were hidden tangs. The pins are aluminium to avoid rusting. Oh, and dont mind that little notch thingie, I had to grind it out as it did not temper properly. Here are some fotos, hope you like em! Any constructive criticism would be welcome. God bless!

P.S- I did leave a few dents and scratches...thought it would look more japanese.





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