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Thanks everybody. Tough questions from the senior members - but fair ones indeed. There is an arts & crafts festival in my area this September. Being in it is my immediate goal. The show is juried and I have about a month to submit 2 or 3 really good samples so I've got some ambitious material in the works. Just now I'm working on a rose trellis complete with roses, basket twist, etc.

If I get accepted, I'll spend the next 6 months of evenings and weekends interspersing larger pieces with hooks, nutcrackers, keyrings, and more spike knives. If I don't, I'll do the same, just at a slower and more focused pace.

SJeane. I'm glad you like the twists. I get a little carried away with them sometimes just 'cause they're so much fun.

Yes Bob, that is a nutcracker. It's a good exercise in drawing, twisting, & riveting. Maybe once I refine the design a little more I'll post a blueprint. I've got a lot more to learn in the meantime though!

Thanks again to all!

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