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Anybody know anything about this blower?? It blows fine but not sure if its powerful enough for a gas forge blower. It doesn't blow near as strong as a hair dryer but I don't know what a blown burner requires. Hate go to the trouble of fabbing a 2 into 1 manifold if its an inadequate blower. I got it with a bunch of "stuff" that was otherwise going to the dump LOL. I googled it and came up empty but here are the specs from the ID plate:

Redmond Co. Mod 3743
115 V 60 cyc 1570 rpm
.3 amps type "L" 22 watts
Ser# 12Q37996
Oil every 6 mos sae 20 wt
HP wasn't stamped which is why CFM rating may be difficult(?)
Fans 3.5" x 1.75"
Ports 2" I.D.

Thanks for any input,


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You got me there. Might try hooking them up and seeing how long it takes to fill say a 30gl. trash bag. Then you can calculate how many BTUs per hr. it'll produce using 17.5:1 for the air to propane ratio and 95,000 BTUs/gl for propane.

On the other hand you could just make a pair of disposable burners from exhaust pipe, plumbing pipe or even tin cans, plumb in a propane jet and see how it does.

Gun burners are easy to tune.


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