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Hi my name is matt I have been interested in blacksmithing scince i was a little kid the town i grew up in has a black smith. I always enjoyed going to his house i always learned something when i was there.I have been doing small projects scinse i was old enongh to swing a hammer.I know i have alot to learn still.I would appericate any insight on the finer points of smithing. I understand that im just a beginner any wisdom that you all like to share would be put to use.Almost every thing i know that i did not learn from Rex Harrel my blacksmith freind.I taught my self.Thank you in advance for any advice.You can e-mail me at Hillbilly_Hammer@livemail.com

Matt Knapp

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Matt :
We were ALL beginners at one point. The beauty of it today is you have the opportunity to learn from people all over the world just by sitting in front of your computer. You can't actually learn to do it that way of course, but you certainly have the advantage of posting a question about something and getting the answer back almost immediately and in a number of different methods. then it is just a matter of going out and trying it for yourself.
A lot of us OLD TIMERS never had the advantages you do today. It was either find another Smith by chance OR FIGURE IT OUT ON YOUR OWN!

So ,welcome to the forum, get yourself a snack and something to drink and start reading. A world of information is at your fingertips.


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