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  1. off tetanus... this vid with blow your mind on vaccinations and the recent bird flu "HYPE" If you watch the the first 3 parts, you'll watch all 12 parts. The videos are part of a 2 hour lecture that discusses conspiracy theories concerning vaccinations, etc. The videos are referenced here for information only, as it relates to the subject of tetanus vaccinations. If you wish to discuss conspiracy theories, go to a conspiracy theory venue, as that is where you will get the most up to date information. There are several good conspiracy theory web sites out there. IForgeIron is not one of them as we deal with blacksmithing.
  2. Jump start or not. steve check this site out ‘Accidental’ Contamination Of Vaccine With Live Avian Flu Virus Virtually Impossible no thanks
  3. Im sure most of it is good steel. Your bearings are super High carbon. worth a knife.
  4. Never had one, don't think I need one. Never met anyone with tetanus. Stepped on nails, cut with knives, needles, sharp rusty iron, bittin by dogs(in the face, hand, leg) 3x times. Never needed one. They had blacksmiths 100 years ago... didn't ever read how they all died of it. Right now would be a good time to do some reading on the net about vaccinations.
  5. I have a coffee can full of about 1 inch bearings... could that be case hardended?? Would it be simpler to split in two, pound. Or pound?
  6. short swing

    New hammer

    So are you going to stick that shape beside moveing the mass further back on the hammer?
  7. So did you find more references on the FB arresstor?

  8. Handles only decay from elements. keep using it and getting hand oil on it it will be fine. Taking care of a organic handle is important to make it last. The reason you find decayed anter is the sun, Rain, "which has traces of acid", or a porcupine eating it into the pith. Stabilize...?
  9. Was wandering... I made a screwdriver out of them with a grinder. it worked well. Why when i forge them they get REALLT brittle, the last 2 FELL apart red hot on the anvil?
  10. Ed, your post of that pic is perfect. got the materials right in the yard. Think it would be a good idea to use cottonwood? Thanks