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  1. Frosty, ya I guess they are one and the same. IronDragon, it came with the parts catalog but not the manual. I’ll print it today and go over it. Thanks a ton.
  2. So a buddy of mine had a lead on a old South Bend vertical mill… so I ended up being the new owner today. Scored the machine, all the end mills, the converter to step it down to 220 for 100.00 bucks. Pretty stoked. Now to clean it up, oil it and start learning how to use it.
  3. JHCC, I like to dabble in wood working from time to time. So the tool chest / box would be a way to tickle both fancies. And as far as the mailbox and post goes it would be totally from steel
  4. Thanks JHCC, that’s what I was thinking.
  5. So if you got to choose between a treadle hammer and a fly press which one would you pick and why. For a back story I’ve come into enough money to purchase one or the other. thanks in advance.
  6. So, now that I’m back to smithing I decided to clean up my anvil. I knew it was a Acme and by research in going to say it’s a Trenton for Sears and Roebuck. While cleaning it I found the front foot under the horn stamped with a T. Does anyone have any idea.. I’ve not found any information on the web pertaining to Acme/ Trenton with the letter T and no other stamps.
  7. Frosty, Ornamental, tools and the stuff from the Mastermyr dig including the tool chest. Currently designing a mailbox and stand for myself and my twin. IronDragon and Twisted, thanks.
  8. New to the Forum and wanted to introduce myself. Started a few years ago.. had a heart attack and now that I have a permanent residence (wife and I bought our first home a few years ago) I’m able to set up a “true” shop.. and as a side note my location is in my profile. Cheers
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