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  1. I can agree with that. It has a nice rebound and it doesn' ring the nerves out of me. That all is more important then a stamp. But it kind of bit me. Well it is nice to know what anvil it is. And this anvil will be used inside. So I had to clean it before moving this thing into the trashole that should become a workshop. I was impressed when i bought it. Bought it online on a second handstore. Just seeing a picture which did'nt reveal the size. It was a good price for a smaller anvil and i was looking for an anvil with a clean hardy hole in the midle to deal with some twisting powers. Well i ended up with this big fellow inclusive 2 clean hardy holes. And the question, what is a soho anvil and what is it used for. Well, the question still stands.
  2. Well, I didn't suspect to find a stamp on the other side of the anvil. But here it is. It has seen better times but it is revealing that it is a Wilkinson anvil from the forgery in Dudley at Queens Crossing. Below the LEY from Dudley stands Warrented (or what's left of it.) Cheers
  3. Could it be a number 5? I'ts been cleaning day and this is what the anvil showed me. So, as you figured out. I'm talking about the hundredweights. Well with the number 3 in mind. I immediatly saw a 3 in it with a flat top. But I Estimated it to be heavier then 360 lbs or 160kg. With the zero showing itself. It became clear that the option of 3 2 24 which I "hoped" for is gone. (even if it was 100kg, it would be plenty for me.) I bought myself a hanging scale. The biggest one in the store but it is only 100kg's as well as the one i might be using. So I' lifted the scale. Lifted myself with the "moving pulley strategy". It showed a 45kg which is perfect the half of my 90kg of full proudness. Then I lifted the anvil, and men that thing is hard to handle. But it showed me this: The pointer has been arround even if it's just pulling the half weight of the anvil. So it tells us at least that the anvil is minimum 200kg's Well You should'nt trust the scale anymore. Above the point of going out of range. But we could asume it's going above it with a 15kg's (mind the gab and the dubbeling factor). It gaves us a 30 extra kg's 230kg which is far above the 160kg's of the 3 0 24. I don't see a 4 in it but maybe a 5. Which shoud gave us 560lbs +0lbs+24lbs=584lbs =260kg I just don't know. Oh yes, The backside of the anvil revealed something as well. I'll show you tonight, when i get home after another late shift. Have a nice day!
  4. Okay, still don't have the hanging scale. So no weighing today. I have the late working shift tomorrow. So probably no weighing tomorrow. We'll see what the day after tomorrow brings. Hopefully not a broken toe or worse. Always be carefull with swinging anvils in your backyard.
  5. Well I might use a hanging scale from a hunter. It should be able to weigh up to 100 kg's. That combined with a moving pulley, don't know how to say it properly but the one that moves along with the load to divide the force in 2. I should be able to measure a dirty 200kg's but it won't be very exact. That will be a kind of ridicolous and interesting at the same time. If i can use it, why not. I won't pull that thing into 2 pieces if i'm doing it properly. (and if the anvil is'nt more than 200kg's butt that would impress me) I have an engine hoist. So lifting this thing to measure it, that is'nt a problem. I didn't use the anvil at this moment. My coalforge is still at my parents place. The old anvil stay's there for cold work. The forge will be moved if i have built a kind of shelter for the forge. I'm a bit scared to ruin the cast iron pot. To much plans, to less time. but this one crossed my path along with a 12mm thick steel plate of which i like to build a welding table. Perhapps i'm doing the welding table first and use the leftover parts for an anvil stand in place of a stump. But that is just taking uss offtopic. If I'm wheiging this thing with my thoughtfull method. I'll post a picture of the construction. Looking forward to it. Greets Pieter
  6. Okay, First of all, I'm well aware i'm posting on an old topic. But this is where i found out, I might have bought a Soho pattern anvil. So second off all, thank you of sharing this information on the world wide web. Having said that, this is what i bought this week: It' might not look that big on picture. But it is a 88cm long anvil with a 15cm face width and a lot of meat underneath the face. Seeing the 2 clean hardy holes and the stapless cutting table, I assume it is at least comparable with the soho pattern anvil you guys are talking about. Offcoarse it is not nearly as elegant as a Peter Wright. It even looks almost more like a german style anvil then an english or a London pattern anvil to me. (Found it in Belgium so that might make sense.) But the barely visible weightstamp (on the other side of the anvil) are in hundredweights. The hundredweights are well separated from the anvil but not highlighted with a clear dot. I thought for a moment, it might be a Mousehole anvil by the information i found on the web. But then the hundredweights should be on this side on the anvil. Anyway. I don't really care that much which anvil it is. I'm not even a bit of a blacksmith yet. Just another fool with an anvil in his workshop. But i'm quiet happy with this anvil. I'ts in used but good condition. It doesn't ring but has a decent rebound and i'm looking forword to get myself a stump for this bad boy. Oh yeah the weight. Well I don't even see the hundredweights. the quarters should be zero or 2 and the pounds 24. I think it is just possible to lift it with 2 people. Butt it is just wrong to do that. So my best guess is: 3 0 24 = 360 pounds =163kg or maybe 3 2 24= 416 pounds = 188kg Oh yeah, just wanna show you how the hardy hole near the horn looks like. You can clealy see the transition from square punch to round punch. (the other way around infact.
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