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  1. The mystery continues !!!!!!!!!! Thanks Thomas
  2. The ring sounds good, but I am no expert. The hammer bounces back easily. And yes small crack maybe 1" wide... from the side appears to be about 1/4" deep
  3. PHD.....I put some chalk and I believe you are correct........Thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. Wow!!, thanks guys for all your responses, this is getting interesting. I just read the article. By the way this was my Great Grandfathers, I am in my 60s so it goes back some. Only my grandfather knew the history and he passed in 1975.
  5. JHCC any idea what the word under Wilkinson is?
  6. Thanks JHCC, now you see my dilemma!
  7. Can any one help me .... I find a lot about Wilkinson anvils, but I cant find these markings on the internet. Thanks mod42
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