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  1. Thank you for everyones responses sofar. Im glad my overall design hasn't been completely torn apart. I just need to tweak a few things like the door situation. A question I didnt include as much in detail was the forge length. Currently with the 10 inch length I get 261 in^3. If I raise it to 11 in Its only 287 in^3 or even 12 inches. I know from previous posts that 1 well tuned burner is about 300-350 cu^3. Assuming my burner IS well tuned and made properly, I could add more. Is there any pro or con to making it slightly longer? Does the extra material act like a heat sink or does it just hold in more heat?
  2. I will definitely look into that more before starting. I completely spaced the porch (I wouldve realized eventually). My thought process behind it (Outside of doing what you said and just making it as smooth as possible) was to make the top slightly smaller so it slots into the base a little. Or using kwool/kastolite in a fashion where it seals the gaps. Like gum over a leaky pipe I dont think Ill ever need to take it apart so I could just kastolite the crack between the tops wall and the kiln brick couldn't I? Then kiln wash over it all and tac weld the corners together? Is it that easy for flame to escape through cracks?
  3. Right now its setup so it has an even opening on both sides. Should I make the back opening smaller? so it has space to pass through if needed but its more closed off to keep heat in?
  4. Good point. This is going to be used for mostly introduction forging with smaller projects or hobby projects probably a knife here and there. I read that alot of people use their small forge even after building larger ones because its more efficient for small projects Id like this one to be a solid small forge for projects around its size.
  5. I'm trying to design a new forge since my first one is a pile of bricks from menards that barely heats to 2200 degrees F. After reading this forum for hours, I'm coming close to my design. Hoping to get some advice before I build anything. Plus maybe someone else can use what I do wrong in the future. The shape kind of takes after video removed dur to advertising by alec steele, but with 1 burner and significantly smaller. The burner is a Mikey style 3/4 Venturi Burner from his book. Its as advanced and tuned as we were able to get it. I planned on having it pointing at one of the sides of the inside of the dome to get the swirl. I know where to find the post about how deep to put it. The forge is a bottom with a dome shape on top, with 12 gauge steel. It would have 2, 1" ceramic blanket layers (with the rigidizer), followed up by 1/2in Kastolite 30 (With kiln wash). All with a kiln shelf floor. I was thinking to build it in 2 parts, the top and bottom. Then have the arch sitting on either kastolite or blanket to seal the gaps. For ease of construction. The limiting factors I've found are that I only have 1 burner, and I've already purchased 10lbs of kastolite so I'm trying not to need more Is there anything wrong with my design? Do you have any advice with the way im building it? Should I make it longer? Its at 261 In^3 with 10 inches length. So according to the 300in^3 per burner I could add a little. I haven't thought about what I should do for any sort of forge doors. We have firebrick but I've read that it sucks in heat. Will it provide enough heat with this setup? I want to make this forge as nice as I can, so it can last a long time and provide what I need.
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