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  1. MaxwellB Obviously I'm almost to beginner. I suppose I could use my Damascus look alike and then cut the bill in half and put several layers of the spring steel in the middle and then reforge it stretched out and then as I grind it to to shake the blade the spring steel the 1095 would be down the center of the knife and then would therefore be exposed as The Cutting Edge. Am I thinking about this correctly?
  2. Can I use low carbon silicone Steel as in bandsaw blades in combination with the spring steel
  3. Okay folks. I have access to some scraps of 1025 spring steel shim material. It's hardened and tempered clean blue and what I want to know is if I can use it in canister welding with Satan 95 or something or some other type of powdered Steel to canister welded together to make a kitchen knife.
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