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  1. That's where I am at now, the issue is the pipe coming out of the meter is 3/4" and if I change the piping size after the meter and make it larger, it will decrease the pressure even more. I found a pressure reducer valve 3/4" 2psi down to 7-10 wc. When it gets here the gas company will come out and swap out my regulator for free. If there is an easier way I'm all ears. Thanks for your input. I'm fairly patient so I will take the time to do the right this time haha
  2. Lol ya if it's not broke don't fix it haha. Just hoping I can get it fine tuned. After this hurdle there is so much more I get to learn. Can't wait!!
  3. The gas company just came out and said they can bump me up to 2psi! Just have to fit in 2 regulators to tone down the pressure for the appliances and they will set me up.
  4. The pressure regulator doesn't do much if anything really. It registers slight needle movement when the shut-off valve is on and the needle valve is closed. All the fittings are gas rated, didn't want to blow my garage up haha. I found this gas pipe chart and I may have to find a way to run larger pipe. A friend suggested calling the gas company and asking them to install a larger meter since the line coming out is only 3/4". The slide is a hole in the side of the tube and I can twist the outer band to allow air to escape but even all the way open it was still blowing quite a bit of air through the burner. I redesigned a better version that can block the air entirely and it should be done printing by the time I'm home today.
  5. I am 10 feet from the meter running 3/4" line to a 1/4" hose. I tapped a 1/4" quick disconnect as the supply to the forge. I will snap a picture when I get home. I may be having a gas volume issue?
  6. Thank you guys for all the input. It is a pretty big blower but I picked it up for $20 so it was had to pass up. I 3d printed a nozzle that bolts to the fan and reduces down to slip over the feed pipe to the forge, I built in a slide gate so I could adjust how much air could escape but it might not be enough. I will have to pick up a gate valve so I can try to get the a/f ratio correct. I have also read that people use dimmer switches to slow down the motor. I thought I might give that a try if I can't find a gate valve at lowes. Has anyone run into problems with the low psi on natural gas?
  7. Every question I have ever had about forging on google has brought me here. This is a very knowledgeable group and I'm looking for some help! I built a forge out of an old propane tank, used 2 inches of kaowool, coated it with refractory and it turned out pretty good. I decided to make a blown ribbon burner with natural gas so I wouldn't have to swap tanks all the time. I have a 4 amp 115 volt jump castle blower. Gas is on a needle valve and there is an air mixer just before the gas inlet. I can get it to light with just the gas on but as soon as I turn the air on it blows the flame out. Any help would be great. Thanks !!
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