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  1. Thank you everyone for your comments. I’ve moved on and I’m looking at new anvil options. I’m thinking about a Rat Hole Anvil made in Jackson Wyoming. That’s only a few hours drive to go pick up and I could get in some great fly fishing while there. He hasn’t responded to my emails so I’ll try calling sometime this week.
  2. Actually that's what I did but didn't know about TPAAAT, lol. I posted on Craigslist in the Wanted to Buy Area for Southern Idaho, Eastern Idaho, Boise, Salt Lake and Eastern Oregon area. I've had two responses back that I'm looking into.
  3. Hello, I did blacksmithing and welding in high school and have decided to pick them back up in my retirement. I’m currently looking for an anvil and the other needed tools, if anyone has a line on any please let me know. I have to make a drive to Wisconsin this spring, 2021, so if anyone between there and Southern Idaho has something to sell let me know and I’ll make a stop to check it out. I’m also a fly fisherman on the river several days a week, if you are too and find yourself coming this way let me know. It might take a week or two to respond as I spend long stretches in the backcountry o
  4. Actually I told him to use a hand wire brush, but yes, he took it beyond that.
  5. I've located another anvil but it's two hours away so I'm reluctant to go check it out until I get some opinions from members here. The first photos he sent the face was to dirty to make any type of judgement. After asking he's cleaned the face and I find it very interesting. To my untrained eye, it doesn't look like an original face, it looks more like someone has laid a new face with welding, that's how I'd describe it. I asked about a rebound test but he didn't answer that question. Thank you for your feedback on this and the first anvil I posted, which I didn't get to check out yesterday a
  6. I’m coming back to blacksmithing after a forty year break and tomorrow I’m looking at this anvil and other items. It’s a 100lbs Trenton according to the seller. By the photos I can confirm it’s a Trenton but not the weight. What I’d like is your feedback on the damage shown in this photo. Thank you for your help.
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