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  1. Masonite! Great idea. I was thinking plywood, haha.
  2. Just to continue the questions... does rigidizer for the ceramic wool need to go on the cold face in between the blanket and the shell? Or should one just put the blanket in the forge, butter, and apply rigidizer to exposed faces for every layer? Additionally, when doing a layer of kast-o-lite: I have a hexagonal foundry, will the “cement” be able to handle 60 degree inclines or should I really do one face at a time...
  3. I'll try to search for some of those, Frosty and Thomas. Thanks! (Won't deter me from my foundry build even if it's for other metals though...) ;) -Madam Waffles
  4. He's also lowkey responsible for countless running injuries by promoting the heel-toe method with that design. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xdz6jxscD0w&t=573s (Not that I completely support this guy's channel, but he does make some interesting points.)
  5. Going to have to agree with ThomasPowers on this one. There's a reason cast iron is so sought after for cookware . However, I'm sure the first one I make will be aluminum just to test the process. Additionally, I'm not sure about the food safety of unfinished aluminum/I don't know how to make food-safe finishes haha. (Don't worry, not a conspiracy theorist that believes Al is toxic).
  6. ThomasPowers, Yeah. I can definitely see why--cast iron seems intensive given the high melting point. I do plan to melt aluminum and other metals to test out the practice first before moving onto cast iron. Ultimately, it is the goal, so that's why I wanted my foundry to be ready for that from the get-go. However, I definitely will be taking it step-by-step and working up to it! As for cupola furnaces: There's something about molten metal flowing everywhere and using coal/coke/charcoal that turns me away... That seems like a second iteration-type deal (maybe next summer!). Are they
  7. Hello all! First off, this is my first post to this site, and I'm super excited to join this community! Recently, I became enthralled with the idea of casting my own waffle iron (hence the name Madam Waffles), so I set off to design my own foundry to cast iron. Below I have briefly described my idea and design up to this point. I would greatly appreciate some feedback on the design! If there's something glaringly wrong, I'd like to know before I start the build. Additionally, my specific questions are as follow: What are the rough calculations you do to determine the size of your found
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