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  1. I recently purchased a Champion 400 blower and I’m not sure what the most efficient way to clean it up is. The guy I bought it from said it hadn’t been used in a long time. It cranks smoothly and appears to be in excellent condition it’s just rusty. I want to clean it up really good before I oil it and start using it. I’m not sure how I should remove the rust and the gunk that’s inside the fan case. I’ve been wire wheeling parts of the outside of it but that’s taking forever and I know there’s probably plenty of better ways to do it. Any advice and tips on how to clean it up would be greatly appreciated. thanks!
  2. Thanks for all the input! I’m definitely going to completely stop leaving pieces without any finish! I didn’t realize I hadn’t put my location so I just added it to my profile:) thanks!!
  3. For a while now I’ve been finishing certain pieces I make by wire wheeling them so they look silver colored instead of black. I’m always a little concerned about rust though. I coat a lot of the pieces with clear gloss Rustoleum if I know it’s going to be outside or around a lot of moisture (like a towel ring or towel holder etc.). Is that a good coating or will it still rust? I’ve never gotten any complaints but I don’t want to wait for that to happen. Also items that are pretty small like Christmas ornaments, pendants, and hair pins that I wire wheel I leave without a finish because I know they are probably not going to be exposed to much if any moisture. Should I be coating these with something? I don’t like to paint steel so I only do it when I have to. I’m wondering if I should just stay away from doing the polished finish in the future but I kinda hate to because a lot of people love the silver colored finish that wire wheeling gives it. Maybe I should just wax and oil everything when it comes outta the fire like I do with almost everything else I make. Does anyone have any ideas or suggestions? Thanks!
  4. I wondered if that would work. I’ve used a brass brush before but didn’t know if it’d work with copper. I’ll give it a try! Thanks
  5. Hey everyone! A customer of mine asked if I could do a custom finish on some items. The only problem is I’ve never done a finish like this one. I’m willing to give it a try though. Does anyone know what this type of finish is called and how it could be done? Here’s the pic the customer sent me
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