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  1. I made a few carbide tools but scrapers work better inside a bowl. I hardened and tempered the file. The M2 is ready to go. No treatment.
  2. Its hard cant file it, Just needed a bevel to sharpen on the wetstone. Is prybar steel high enough carbon for a wood tool? I have a few that have become too flat to actually pry something, Yield Strength: 50,000 psi Hardness: Rockwell B95 (Medium) Heat Treatable: Yes Max. Hardness After Heat Treatment: Rockwell C65 Specifications Met: ASTM A600
  3. The file I ground to shape, heated till non magnetic in a "coffee can forge" plus a few minutes, then into the oven for a few hours. Seems hard enough when sharpening and real sharp. The M2 I just ground to a sharp edge. Didn't require any shaping.
  4. The square scraper is M2 off of Amazon. Probably turning Mahogany, maple, Oak and any species pen blanks I can get my hands on. Epoxy and acrylic too.
  5. Made a side scraper from a file, and a small square scraper. Was wondering about steel prybars. Is a Stanley prybar hard enough to be used or hold an edge long enough for turning tools? Spark test aside? Dont have access to a bench grinder right now. just a 4" angle grinder and an out of production Delta wetstone sharpener.
  6. Apologies. A bit more info. I bought a 5/8 rod from metal supermarket, and made the wood lathe T tool rest. Made the S piece a lot later, and couldn't remember if it was hot or cold rolled that I had bought. Now they asking me what type, and just need to know if it makes a difference when it comes to welding? I have access to a cheapie wire welder in a shared maker space. The tools are for the lathe at the space. BTW I spent more time grinding than welding, but got it done eventually. https://wiki.themakerstation.com/Main_Page
  7. Made an S shape tool rest for a wood lathe, in a mini paint can forge from some 5/8 rod. Not enough material for the post. I am trying to buy a small 5/8 piece from metal center, but not sure which to buy, [hot/cold rolled] or if it even makes a difference welding to some unknown steel.
  8. The M2 is just a blank off Amazon. No idea as to specs. Searching the web for tool steel suppliers, all seem to want to sell 3ft plus, no small quantities. The 3mm thickness may be an issue but cant find small thicker pieces anywhere. uxcell HSS Tool Bit Square Lathe Turning Grinder Cutter Mill Blank 3mmx30mmx300mm
  9. As a very amateur wood turner, I find good tools very pricey. Tried making a scraper out of an old file. Came out OK. Made a paint can forge, using a MAP gas torch. Heated the file till non magnetic, quenched in chainsaw bar oil. [all i had on hand]. Then to the oven for 2 hours at 400. Its sharp, and cuts great, but a metal file scratches the surface, which I believe is a FAIL. Probably wont stay sharp for long. What can I do better to get it hard with basic tools and knowledge? I also have a piece of M2 precision ground flat bar that I would like to grind into a scraper. Is it possible to "blue" this steel, like cheap carbon steel cutters, or can I just grind away?
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