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  1. Frosty, Thank you so much for all of that advice! I have noticed that many or most of the smiths in here defer to you on many things so I will be sure to take your word on all the safety issues you described. I am currently at the hardware store picking up parts for my new burner and when I think I'm done I'll send you a picture to see what more advice you may have for me. Thanks again, Phil
  2. Thanks Neil! I'm going to give rebuilding the T portion a try tomorrow. The maker drilled a hole through the T, put the pipe through and welded it, so I'll start that part from scratch. Shouldn't be too difficult. Huge difference, wow. Well I guess I'll be rebuilding the T portion seeing as the builder welded the pipe to the top of the T. All part of the fun. Thanks for the info. Phil
  3. I'm really trying to learn the craft here. I thought asking for help here would be wise considering the number of people on here looking to help each other. I didn't realize that I couldn't ask questions before researching. I'm not looking to be spoon fed or bottle fed. I jumped in over my head like so many people do and now I'm asking questions and I'm doing my research. Honestly, since I've only been on this forum for less than 24 hours and I asked my questions within the first 3min maybe cut a new guy a bit of slack. Or not, that's up to you, but assuming I'm here for the easy answer o
  4. Right on! That's the kind of attitude I was hoping to find here. Thanks again for reaching out. Going to figure out how to get to the hardware store before they close so I can maybe get this thing going before I go to bed tonight.
  5. I realize that the size of the forge has nothing to do with orifice placement in the T. I was thinking that the possibility of there being too much pressure in the forge because of how small it is might have something to do with why it's burning the way it is. What I'm hearing you say is that if I use the pdf plans for the burner that Frosty put out in the forum I can make the necessary modifications and my burner will fire correctly and I shouldn't need to change my forge size any. Is that what you're saying? I have no idea if these burners are still being sold on Amazon. I can see
  6. I actually bought this burner off Amazon a while back. I didn't build it or tinker with anyone's design, it came as is. I'm here to ask questions and to learn from people who know the craft far better than myself not to step on anyone's d***. I'm absolutely here for the learning opportunity to become more proficient in forging and blacksmithing as a whole. That is a way nicer setup than what I'm working with. So with the burner I have I'm hearing from people that my orifice is too big and too deep in the T. What would your recommendation be? Make my forge bigger with thicker ceram
  7. Hi Frosty, So I'm gathering that there is allot more to this than I originally thought. Hahaha! The cu in of my forge is approx. 173in³. The hole for the jet is 1/16". All the air ports and the burner flair are threaded. Do you think I should remove the threads to decrease drag/air turbulence? Here are some pictures that might help.
  8. The opening is roughly 5.5"x3.5" and 9" deep. From what I've been reading, my burner appears to be to big for my forge size. I'm only at 173in³ and this burner from what I've been reading should be good to hear at least 300in³
  9. Hi Frosty, I'm totally new to blacksmithing and I probably jumped off the deep end blindfolded so I'm struggling a little bit now trying to get my forge to heat the steel even above workable temperature. My burner does not seem to be burning efficiently, and I'm having a bunch of cold spots in the forge. I'm currently running propane at about 2-2.5psi. I've included a few pictures of my forge so you can see what I'm working with. Some things I have already tried include raising and lowering the burner height, opening and closing the doors on one side or the other, or adjusting the do
  10. I completely understand the value of the process of elimination and the scientific method of one variable change at a time. Thank you for the input. I have updated my profile a bit so maybe that will help.
  11. It is not closed off on either side. When I close off one side the burner begins to chug and I get fireballs out the door. If I lower the burner down a half inch it sputters and gurgles like flames are backing up the burner. The steel doesn't get any hotter than a full orange color and that takes about 20min or so.
  12. I'm currently located in Ukiah, California. Here is a picture of my forge. I'm currently running propane at 2psi.
  13. Thanks to both of you for your responses. To answer some of your questions Swedefiddle, I am using propane as fuel, my burner is in the exact center. And though I have thought about doing a forced air system using a blow-dryer I have yet to set that up. I'm going to make some modifications tomorrow morning to see what happens, but will get some pictures for you tomorrow. Thanks again, Phil
  14. I have built a gas forge and am having issues with cold spots in it. I've adjusted the fuel to air by regulating the fuel to between 1-5psi and lifted and dropped the height of my burner. I'm still not able to get the burner to jet in the center. The fuel seems to ignite toward the edge of the door. I'm thinking that I need more interior space in the forge to allow more space for the fuel to burn properly. Please help me solve this puzzle as I'd really like to get on my way with trying this craft. Sincerely, Phil
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