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  1. I was doing some more close checking for some sort of identification, and so far as I can tell there is nothing stamped or engraved, not to say that rust may have obliterated any ID. However, I did find faded evidence of orange paint in some areas around the bottom edge of the mount area. I know, not much to go on, but it's something that might give a clue if any manufacturers painted their anvils orange. Deke
  2. Thanks, my friend. I have no idea of it's age or history, but the condition was what sold me. Sure, there's a couple nicks on the edges, but nothing that would get in the way of my wild-xxxxx hammer. Is it possible that some were marked on the underside? Nothing on the castings, though. Anyway, if anyone might give an educated guess, or whatever, I'd appreciate. Thanks again. Deke
  3. I bought this anvil recently and even though it was a little over $3.50 a pound, I couldn't pass it up. It's in relatively good condition with good ring with no dead spots and almost 100% bounce using a 1.5" steel ball bearing from 12". Does anyone have any idea who may have manufactured this beauty or any info that might help me identify it. The guy I bought it from got it from an estate auction several years ago and was told it was 385lbs, but I haven't verified it. It's 35" long x 14" tall. It's ok to tell me if I took a bath on it, but the deal is done and I'm putting it to good use :-) Thanks Deke
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