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  1. Hi. Thanks for your advice. I will do it later. Yes, it is Wood Burning. I have a Wood Burning Tool now, hope becomes a craftsman as good as my grandpa is.
  2. Hi. Everyone, I am a newbie here, and a newbie in Pyrography. My grandpa was good at Pyrography, but he passed away when I am a little boy... He is my idol, and I want to be a man like him. So I start to learn Pyrography, and buy (commercial link removed) now. Hope I can succeed. My first thread, No idea if I post it in the wrong place. Is there anybody who is good at Pyrography? Would you mind to share your works? Thanks
  3. Hi. This is Harris, another newbie here. Nice to meet you!
  4. My husband bought an auto darkening welding helmet, works well now. Sorry, I am a little curious. May I know what lenses you have?
  5. I don't think there is a special book for a beginner. Read the books you are interested in. If I recommend a book to you, and I tell you that the book is amazing, but you are not interested. So for you, it is not a good book. My suggestion is to read the book you really love. You don't need to read from an obscure book in the beginning.
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