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  1. ok i can just bore a hole into the side then cut it into a bigger circle for the pipe to go in
  2. its a bottom blast i think it works better for the way the rim is
  3. oh ok my shack is literally on top of a hill that is entirely made of clay so i will try that
  4. I upped my game a lil bit and i got a tire rim from the local tyre shop and it is a nice cheap little charcoal forge. it works as it should except there are multiple holes on the bottom as it is a rim. I was wondering if there was a kind of paste concoction i could make to line it to finish it up. I can go out and buy what i need as long as it is relatively inexpensive. Any help would be appreciated.
  5. obviously bbq charcoal is not good but what kind should i invest in ok i understand
  6. ok thanks i have a hair dryer attached to a pipe to run air in
  7. i live near a place called airgas and i dont really know if they have any metal but i can look into it Ive been heating up metal in a wood fire and it has not heated the metal well, and i cant manage to start a charcoal one would appreciate some advice on how to start one
  8. pnut - yes i do happen to have a old scrap pit on my quad trail i dont know i didnt think of it i will go check
  9. ok thanks for the tip i will look around and i should be able to find something as where i live is more rural so i can find some stuff
  10. ok thanks i will look into places near me as i am in north nj and there are some places around my area sorry i was kind of uninformative this is my first time on a forum like this
  11. Hi i am a just beginning smith and i was wondering where i can get some cheap metal on the internet as i am 15 years old and have no means of driving anywhere so i would appreciate any help on where to purchase online