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    Tool making and furniture making, outside of smithing I'm a vet, I enjoy fantasy, gaming, cars and trucks, engineering mechincaland electronics and much more

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  1. I did just forgot to get it done, I have been in and out of metal working my whole life pretty much, just getting into welding and hot forging. I want to focus more on tool making and furniture type stuff. I am not ritch but money is not a huge issue, I have been looking into power hammers and setting up an over head rail system, modular forge design and the such I'll update my profile now tho. I was in school for engineer, but ended up joining the military, and working in IT instead, so I have a good bit of knowledge on mechanics, electronics, and the such. For sure, I'm already thinking of moving away from that design, I'm a fantasy fan, so was looking at a mix of dwarven design, for there heavy style with nice inlays mixed with the functionality of german english, Babylon and more. Still in the early fase, and will probably start with smaller easier stuff, but I like to think long term, towards an end goal of what I want for my shop I like to call myself an advanced hobbyist, I do this for fun, and to make things i want less for proffit. I take pride in knowing that I can do things myself over buying it. Texas is a bit far for me I'm in Colorado, I have an old barn and a 2 car garage im converting into my shop, different spaces for different kinds of work, it will take time, but I plan on working with one of the local black Smith schools to try and learn more. If I am ever in Texas I may take up your offer tho, i always nice to learn more. Thank you that dose give me some ideas on what I could do for the larger projects I have in mind.
  2. Hello I am kinda new, and one of the focuses I want to get into is tool making. I have seen lots of info on making pretty much any tool I can think of besides anvils, and was wondering if anyone had info on this topic. More specifically forged anvils, not tooled or cast. I have seen a few small projects mostly from alec Steele for decorative ones, but I want to learn to make useful ones starting small, and working up to larger ones.