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  1. Hello there everyone a question ive done my fair bit of looking on the web and literally calling every warehouse around where i live for high carbon and/or tool steel does anyone on here have a go to site where they stock up on metal im currently doing stock removal but my goal is to blacksmith so either answer will work great! Thanks guys this community rocks!
  2. Sounds good thank you everyone! One other question will any tar burning and melting out from the cable harm the forge?
  3. Hey there everyone im getting into blacksmithing and at work i have a lifetume supply of 1 7/16 cable that i plan to use to forge with, my only issue is its used and gets covered in tar, is this something i have to soak in acetone or will the forge burn it out without creating a molten mess in my forge and adding any extra fire hazards? Thank you guys.
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